• Wisdom

    No Mere Coincidence

    We’ve all heard or even used the saying, “It all happens for a reason,” but have we really embraced it? How many of us go on with our lives facing the ups and downs of every day with stress and worry, concerning ourselves with what the future holds, or what impact every experience we face …

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    Poem: And She Laughed

    Often times, I wonder what beauty lies behind her smile. It must be from beyond my pastures to know what grows when her soul desires. I look beyond my own flaws, to see what truly matters. I look at her, in awe of what I saw, because her heart leaves all she touches inspired. At …

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    Recipe: Indian Eggs

    Lately, I’ve been wanting to take some major steps to make some major changes in my health and lifestyle. I’m determined to make healthy living my reality, and one of the biggest components comes from the food I choose to eat. It’s far, far, far too easy to fall into this comfort level of eating …

  • longroad

    3 Hurdles on the Journey to Success

    Many of us have ambitions and goals, but perhaps just as many of us get overwhelmed by the drive needed to achieve those goals. We fear the overwhelming struggle, the possibility of failure, and the unrelenting force of self-doubt that eats away at our potential. What I have learned over the years is the importance …


    Question: How do I cope with heartache?

    Question: How do I cope with heartache? Answer: Assalaamu alaikum, Insha Allah, this reaches you in the best state of health and Imaan. Heartbreak and heartache are some of the toughest things to face in life, but it’s also important for us to go through these things in order to grow and become better versions of …

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