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Nadir Keval

Concierge Entrepreneur, Artist, Philanthropist, Muslim, Writer, Foodie, Son, Brother, Friend.


Poem: Faith

By On November 6, 2009

I can’t help it, I need to say this: You are the definition of my dreams. I know years have passed since we last saw each other, But you’ve stayed in my heart, Left as a thought keeping me together….


Poem: Guarded

By On October 30, 2009

“I’m strong, I’m not falling, I’m together, I’m not wanting.” These are the words she said to me. She had spent so much of her life, Building up her image, And becoming amongst the best. Little did she know, That…


Poem: She was

By On October 17, 2009

We met on a day that cannot be described, Because I cannot remember the weather of that day. Why? Well, I was enveloped in her eyes, As though her every blink was a new sunrise, Not too overwhelming, nor too…


Poem: Lyrics to My Life

By On October 11, 2009

Sweet, strong and beautiful, Are just a few things you are. My dreams have come true, ‘cause you’re my shining star. Everything ‘bout you is so real, And you know exactly how to make me feel. Everything ‘bout you makes…


Poem: No Question

By On October 11, 2009

Is it strange for me to say, that I forget how I got through the day, before I met you? Or maybe it’s wrong for me to tell you, that hearing your voice makes me shiver… the same way a…


Poem: Deafening Silence

By On October 4, 2009

Deep thought has become my identity, Grateful to God for giving me the opportunity, To speak out words, so absurd to some, But to others seeming inspirational. For words like these, I must be more than thankful, Not because I…


Poem: Unknown Lovers

By On September 29, 2009

It has come to be my fascination, To see you amongst the twinkles of the sky. Subtly brightening my life, We fell out of darkness together only to find love between us. With the winds blowing through the skies, Cooling…

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