It was the first time I had seen the horizon
Sunset rising, bringing a glisten to my eyes.
I wondered how this could be,
since it still wasn’t morning,
And realized it wasn’t the sun.
It was the twinkle in your eyes.
At that moment, I began to smile,
Thinking how I could thank The Almighty,
For bringing me someone like you,
A woman for whom I was surely
not worthy I held your hands tightly,
told you to close your eyes.
For that small simple moment
It felt we were breathing the same life.
I walked over to my corner
Raised my hands in praise Of God,
showing gratitude for who He sent my way.
I looked to you and smiled again.
I hope our smiles never fade away.
You mean to me more than can be said
No words can describe it,
This is just meant to be felt.
The world called me crazy
Said that love doesn’t work this way.
As time passes by, they say love fades away.
I refuse to believe these words
As my Prophet (pbuh) said to think pure.
As long as our love is based on our love for God…
God-willing, we’ll always find our love prosper.
May Allah make our love last as a sign of success
In this life and in the Next.
God-willing, this life will be filled with bliss and laughter
But, to be honest,
I’m more excited about spending my life with you in the Hereafter.

Copyright © Nadir Keval