Alhamdulillah, the last two days have been spent with two brothers that have been inspiring in their humility, modesty, and personalities. After the I-SLAM event, myself as well as some other brothers enjoyed eating some pizza with Boonaa at his hotel room, before we decided to part ways at around 1am, for some sleep ’till the morning.

I stayed at a brother’s apartment, on the campus where the events were being held. Alhamdulillah, I had the opportunity to then meet Sheikh Navaid Aziz before we walked together to Jumaah, alongside Boonaa and the MSA president of the school. The Sheikh gave an inspiring speech about how we should work towards leaving behind a legacy, and truth be told, the examples of the Malik ibn Dinar really made me realize that I’m not doing enough to expand with my current projects.

I started talking to Sheikh Navaid about what I do, and how I’d like to expand and he was pleased with what he heard, Alhamdulillah. We then moved on to discuss how I could start to expand my audience and allow my goals and aspirations to become known virally throughout the world, Insha Allah. So, he suggested YouTube. I know, I’ve said many times before that I will start doing the videos again, but truly, I haven’t been sticking to my word, and for that I apologize. It’s been quite the journey thus far, trying to build my projects, but I will now be working towards going and getting a camera, and then starting some shows/series on YouTube, where I will be advising people on topics I feel I have some experience with. In addition to that, I will be posting my poetry, and anything else I can think of. What do you folks think of this idea? I’ve been working with people here in Vancouver, counselling, mentoring, public speaking, performing poetry, and running my own little projects on the side. I’d like to now expand my audience through YouTube, and eventually have an impact on the world as a whole, both Muslims and non-Muslims. I’m not a scholar or anything like that, but feel that I’d like to build on the things I have experience with, and just sincerely help people the best I can with whatever I know.

Anyways, I’d love to hear what you all have to say about this, and what you’d like to see from me. I’ll try my best to address those things and fulfill what you’re all expecting from me 🙂 Insha Allah.