I may be completely off here, considering I’m not married so I’m saying this off of theory, but I believe that you should marry someone that could become your best friend.

A best friend is someone who loves you for all that you are.

Someone who, when times get rough for you, they support you, even if what you’re going through seems trivial to him/her.

Someone who inspires you to become a better Muslim and person, but recognizes that you’re still human and will have your good and bad days.

A best friend doesn’t make you feel inferior, but rather, helps you banish that inferiority complex through the path that works best for YOU.

A best friend as a lover would be incredible, because you could spend hours being intimate, laughing, crying, and sharing moments, without even coming to the point of anything sexual.

But then, with a best friend, sexuality would be incredible too, because well, you’d be companions and not just partners – individuals combined so perfectly to complete as one.

A best friend would cherish you, because they love you as a friend, as a lover, and also with the best form of love – love for the sake of Allah.

I hope to one day find that best friend, insha Allah, and the search continues, but once I do, I know that I’ll spend a lifetime trying to earn my keep – loving her, cherishing her, and giving her the support and care in every form and fashion that I could have wished for when I didn’t have her.

And I know that even if, God forbid, it doesn’t last forever, I would be happy with God’s Plan, because for what I needed, He knew there wouldn’t be anybody better.