So, when I was in high school, I was nicknamed BFG (Big Friendly Giant). Over the years, I continued getting similar nicknames, and eventually, I just adjusted to it, and figured that I must be a pretty big guy in the eyes of others. When I walk around and see others, it’s honestly really rare for me to notice the height or size difference. I guess I’ve gotten used to it, and it’s not noticeable to me anymore. That was the case, until I was looking through some old pictures and saw a picture of me standing beside my dad, looking like I was Sasquatch and he was the tourist  taking a picture with the beast. Not a good feeling. As time progressed, I began to fall into somewhat of a self-diagnosed, self-imposed, nonchalant depression. What’s that mean? Well, I was so down on myself at how big I had gotten (we’re talking weight here now, not height), that I stopped caring and just stopped taking care of myself. That led to more weight gain, and it just completely knocked me out. Eventually, I had gained about 65 lbs, and was so overweight, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, and became ashamed to be in pictures with people. Yeah. It was bad.

Anyways, to avoid making this sound like some sob story of me seeking out attention, I’ll get to the point. I had had enough of this nonsense, and wanted to make a change. So, a few months ago, I began to watch what I ate, as I had learned over the years that what you eat is 70-80% of the formula for weight loss (that number changes from person to person, ’cause everyone’s an expert once they start dieting, so I just went for a ballpark figure). I’m not one for tracking things, because if something becomes tedious, I get bored and annoyed, and thus, stop bothering with it. So, I just made sure that before eating something, I took into account whether or not it was me eating out of sincere hunger, or out of the desire to merely eat because I could.

My dietary choices weren’t all that bad in the first place, so eating the right foods wasn’t as much of a challenge as was eating at the right times and for the right reasons. You’ll probably see a lot of pictures posted by me on here or on my instagram (nadirkeval) of food, so you’ll see that I like to eat haha. THAT won’t change. I decided to continue to eat, but to savour my food, and to be cautious of the times and reasons for my eating. I allow myself to do so, on the condition that I exercise to balance it out. In trying to lose weight, I try to limit my food to what’s necessary, and focus on proteins, fibre, and good fats and carbs. Insha Allah, this sticks.

As for my exercise plans, I will be going full throttle in the coming week, and will begin my regimen to shred weight, and gain and tone muscle in the most beneficial and quickest way (while maintaining healthy steps to achieve these goals). A friend of mine gave me his copy of the Insanity Workout, and a cousin gave me his workout from when he pursued a similar goal to mine. These are the two workout regimens I will be using, insha Allah, as well as the basic body weight exercises for the days I will be fasting.

My ideal shape:

I’m not putting a timeline on reaching this goal (obviously, it will be this, customized to my body type), but I refuse to quit until I get to this point, insha Allah. If it takes 1 year or it takes 5 years, I won’t quit, insha Allah!

So, those are my plans, those are my goals, and insha Allah, I will be keeping you all up to date at least once a week with my progress. I will post updates at the top of each of my updates that look like this:

As of August 30th, 2012…

Weight lost:

Body fat decrease:

Updated: August 30th, 2012

I hope you guys can join me on my journey, and if any of you have some beneficial and positive tips, comments, etc., please let me know! Looking forward to making this dream a reality, insha Allah! 😀