You know, in the last little while, I have been faced with some questions that could be life-changing. See, I have some projects that have suggested to me, and show signs of great potential financially. But, the question arises as to whether I am passionate about the things I would be getting into by doing these projects.

See, I’ve never wanted to get so involved in the financial benefits of something that I lose focus on its purpose. I mean, sure, with more money, you can accomplish more things. Let’s face it, sounds superficial, but money makes getting around easier. But, I mean, with money, there’s also to temptation and overwhelming drive towards wanting more, and increasing your list of wants, neglecting your list of needs. What about your future? What about your dreams and aspirations?

If you were afraid of losing your passion, would you pursue something like this? What if this holds potential to help you so much in your goals?

See, I think I will do my prayers, think to myself, and come to a decision. Then, and only then will I feel comfortable. Let’s see…

I know, I’m working on so many projects, and everyone and their mother is telling me to focus on just one thing at a time. But, see, I know myself. If I focus on only one thing, I’ll get bored. If that thing has a lot of constant change, that’s a different thing.

Maybe I’m wrong. Or right. I don’t know. I guess it’s about testing the waters. I think I’ll try this whole focusing on one thing at a time for a moment. See how that pans out.

Wait…I don’t think I can, considering my projects are already moving along. How’s about one big project, and one small one? Yeah, that makes sense. I’ll do that.

THEN, I can find the time to SLEEP and get back to my creative self, writing poetry and keeping up with this blog. Sounds like a plan. Let’s see how long this one lasts…

OH WAIT! I forgot to ask you… Would you choose money or passion, in your career? Which would you sacrifice? Do you think one leads to other, thus meaning that there’s no sacrifice?