Today is one of my mini-vacation days, where I go out and just spend time alone around the city, or at a park or beachfront, or find a remote place to sit, meditate, think, and write. The reason today became an opportunity for my mini-vacation is because I had an appointment for  a much needed haircut (I was getting annoyed ‘cuz my hair was touching my ears haha) and a dinner with my grandma (who’s visiting from Toronto).

I’m writing this right before my hair appointment at this place I’ve never been to. My sisters go there all the time though, and they seem to like it. And, because it’s a school, they charge the same amount I would pay at some random place, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I used to get my hair cut by a stylist friend who would do it for me at home, but she moved to Toronto with her family, so that’s a no go 🙁 Anyways, I’m about to head over to the salon. I’ll continue, with a review of the place, once I get back, insha Allah.

After the haircut…

Okay, that was great! Sure, it was the LONGEST haircut I’ve ever had (3 hours!!), but it was nice. The people were great, and they were really detailed and focused on making sure the haircut looked perfect. After the cut, I felt great cuz it made me feel like I lifted a weight off of my shoulders! Literally. (Da dum tum TSS! hahaha) Anyways, after the haircut, I didn’t have any time to walk around downtown, so I rushed home to take a quick shower and get ready for my date with my Grandma.

I had this whole plan to take her to the oceanfront by my house to watch the sunset, then to go pray Maghrib, then go to the restaurant, and then go out for dessert. But, as life would have it, that didn’t happen.

I rushed home, got ready, and prayed Maghrib. Then, as we were about to head out for the restaurant, I decided to take my mom with us, so she got ready and we head out. It was nice seeing the two of them so happy and enjoying their mother-daughter time together 🙂 So, we went to one restaurant that decided that they wanted to be closed today (*sigh*), so we head off to a restaurant we’d never heard of. I’m glad we did, because I wasn’t too big of a fan of our first restaurant choice. This new place was great in the food quality, portions, service. But, what made it even better was that we were the only people in the restaurant, so we got the full attention of the staff 😛

After that, we went over to my sisters’ school to pick them up, because they had just finished up with a meeting for one of the school clubs they’re in. Well, there’s a recap of my great day. Might be a little lame to tell you all of this stuff, but it was an awesome day, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. I hope all of you had a great day as well, with many more to come!

Check out some of the pictures from the day: