Last week, I took the opportunity to finally go on a vacation. Never before have I gone on a trip without thinking about work, school, or any other responsibilities of my every day life. This was an opportunity to just get away from everything and really take some time out to relax, reflect, and come back stronger, more focused and centred.

I went with my best friend and his younger brother (who is like a brother to me as well – known him since he was born). We drove down to Portland, Oregon to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps play against the Portland Timbers. But that was just the cherry on top of the incredible weekend we had! High quality hotel overlooking a small lake, great food for REALLY cheap prices, food trucks, incredible scenery, and shopping with no sales tax!

I’ll be posting more pics on Instagram (follow me: nadirkeval) tonight of the things I bought there, but in the meantime, check out some of these pictures from our trip by clicking on the image below 🙂

Note: Yes, I like greenery, nature, and clouds, so expect a bunch of pics of those things 😛 haha