Someone once told me that my mind works like that of a woman (I’ll take it as a compliment…) – “so many thoughts running through my mind at once, and having the ability to organize every one of those thoughts.” I still can’t tell if I was being called a woman, but either way, it was quite the compliment to say that I was someone able to maintain my sanity, despite my completely and utterly insane work ethic. I call it insane because it is something uncontrollable thus far, and so, overtakes the approach I take to completing all of my projects.

That said though, I think that every successful entrepreneur holds at least some degree of sanity-confusion. People often tell me, “Nadir, you need to focus on just one thing at a time. Get it done with, and then move on to the next thing.” I understand where they’re coming from, but personally, I just can’t do that. I’ve never been that great at school, but the time I was able to boost my GPA the most was when I was taking 5 courses, working 40 hours at one job and a little over 20 hours at another job. As long as I can maintain my zone (which basically just means not being interrupted with other thoughts), I can handle many things at once.

My system is to have a plan, to enjoy what I’m doing, and to just have fun with my work. Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it! Then, come tell me what you think and if it works for you. I’ll probably post another article soon, to tell you about how I management my time. 🙂