As I sit in the library, working away, I look out the window and see a rose bush that brought the words, “Overwhelming Beauty” to mind. It made me realize how often, if we place too much effort or emphasis on physical beauty, it can become overwhelming and return to its roots of natural appeal. Just as this bunch of roses fell to the ground due to possessing too much beauty (ie. too many roses in one bunch), eventually, too much “stuff” on our skin in attempts of making ourselves appear more beautiful or handsome will eventually hurt our skin. And that effect on the skin will begin to show, regardless of what we do.

I have NO IDEA if any of that made sense hahaha but I thought I’d just share my random thought with you guys haha. I included the original picture I took of the bush, and then an edited version. It was a quick edit, and my amateur attempt at editing a picture haha.