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Poem: Beauty, Be Mine

By On December 1, 2009

I’ve been searching, A long time wanting, For someone to come my way, brightening my day. I looked around me, Thinking that there’s gotta be, A woman wanting to be found, By the man who could see, That every ounce…


Poem: Souled

By On November 19, 2009

Gorgeous. That’s how she’s seen, As a depiction of beauty. But I wonder at times, If that vision, Is purely physical. To be an intellectual, Speaking to each other as equals, Is easy in most scenarios. But when I think…


Poem: Devalued Priceless

By On November 17, 2009

They say, “You’ll never make it; Without the money, Life as a poet is pointless.” What about the movement? In the souls of readers, In the hearts of lovers, In the minds of dreamers, In the humanity of disbelievers? It’s…


Poem: Choice

By On November 13, 2009

I choose to be your constant chosen presence. A presence for which the option of departure is non-existent. Only, however, in the eyes of the beholder, For in his view, is only that which he is fond of. The approach…


Poem: He said, She said

By On November 13, 2009

He said that he loved her, Was willing to give her Himself, in every aspect. She said that he lived and lied, Cuz if he loved her as he claimed, He wouldn’t have forgotten to show her respect. The world…


Poem: Fantastic

By On November 9, 2009

What happens to a man, When he sits back and thinks About how he was living just fine, Till she came in and made his life fantastic? I thought time and time again, That I’d wait to find that perfect…


Poem: Tried and Tested

By On November 6, 2009

One time, two time. Third time a charm? We’ve tried so many times, But someone always ends up harmed. It was clear that something just wasn’t working, Gotta make some changes if we plan on surviving. When we began, I…

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