Often times, I wonder
what beauty lies behind her smile.
It must be from beyond my pastures
to know what grows when her soul desires.
I look beyond my own flaws,
to see what truly matters.
I look at her, in awe of what I saw,
because her heart leaves all she touches inspired.

At times, I show my self,
a man imperfectly human.
I be myself and trust that she
would embrace me as I am.
Perhaps the most sincere of things
is when she looks at me and smiles.
And when that smiles lifts the edges of her mouth,
bringing a genuine glow to her face,
I hear the most encompassing of sounds,
as she softly laughs from her heart.

And that is what I seek.
A love to give and a love received.
Where come rain or shine,
be the act hers or mine,
laughter would unconditionally sprout
from a lifetime of shared and embraced smiles.

Copyright © Nadir Keval