I love
how you seem to be
so sincere, in your every
thought, whisper, and word.
How it came to be,
still remains a mystery,
that you would consider me,
to be the one you love.
Many men could only dream,
of having the love I have seen,
in your heart and soul.
So true it may be,
that we are destined to see,
each other in this life and the next world.

Paradise, oh paradise,
becomes sweeter to me,
as I think of reaching it with you next to me.
Dark nights become bright,
as you smile…for your light begins to reach,
stages of grace that could only be given by the Holy.
Hot days become cool,
just as the winds bring our minds ease,
your very essence is my breeze.
Every moment is to be cherished,
as your presence is a delicacy,
keeping me nourished, and keeping me happy.
I love how…
I love you.

Copyright © Nadir Keval