I’ve been searching,
A long time wanting,
For someone to come my way,
brightening my day.
I looked around me,
Thinking that there’s gotta be,
A woman wanting to be found,
By the man who could see,
That every ounce of beauty in her is unique.
I saw you, and you stood out,
Your image itself showed me what true beauty was about.
I could hear you yelling out my name,
Not through your lips,
But by how you made my heart believe you had it claimed.
I saw you all the time,
But never did it cross my mind,
That I could ever want you,
To be more than just an acquaintance of mine.
Slowly, your every attribute had me,
You’re more perfect than anyone could be.
Through all this time, how didn’t I see,
That you’re the one girl I’d always need.
We’ve been blessed with everything possible,
We’re compatible, mature and responsible.
Now, all we gotta do is,
Wait it out, ‘cause,
We got goals in life,
Trying to live out what we love.
I get that baby,
But I want you to know,
That I want you as my lady,
As the one I’ll never want to let go.
I hope you feel the same,
But I’ma leave it to God,
‘cause only He knows where our hearts will remain.
I see that there’s no beauty like yours,
‘cause everytime I look at you, time takes a pause.
I want you to be that light in my life,
To be that warmth,
Like the Prophet got from his wives.
God’s created you so perfectly,
Probably as my life’s definition of beauty.
But He’s also given you my favourite type of soul,
Like Khadijah to the Rasul,
I want you to be my world.

Copyright © Nadir Keval