Not just beautiful.
She is more than just the enlightenment of elegance,
more than just the depiction of depth,
more than just the supremacy of simplicity,
she is the essence of beauty itself.
More than beautiful.

When I began my journey with her,
I spent most of my time in thought.
I was trying to understand how someone could exist,
in a world so harsh, as one of such purity.
It was only after a long period of time,
that I was able to accept her as real.
Through all these years, I had pursued marriage,
but felt that in order to marry, I’d have to lose a part of me.

With her, it is different.
All that happens only leads to gains.
When she would smile and laugh,
or would remember a quirk about me,
I would gain a sense of comfort and confidence in our love.
And when she would be upset or would cry,
or would question my heart’s honesty,
I would gain an opportunity to learn, so that I may be better for her.

This is what I have learned to be beauty.
It does not always come in the most appealing of ways,
but if looked at with honesty,
to oneself and our other,
it is found in the depths of every moment we spend together.

A simple word that depicts her,
and to which she brings depth to definition.
When I see others, or think of love,
my mind and heart make her presence known.
For me, she is in every way or form greater than the rest.
Not for any other reason except that
Allah has engraved her name onto my heart.
He has made her voice the narrator of my every thought,
and has allowed for her purity to flow through my veins.

She is my Beauty, my Bella.
And I will always love her.

Copyright © Nadir Keval