Like that black star in the night sky,
Hiding amongst others shining pride so bright,
I stand strong, knowing that I’m surrounded,
Not bounded,
By the negative connotations
The world founded.
There’s no truth to the images they create,
I can see that through the fate they debate.
Thinking life is how they made it,
But truth is, those words are the ones tainted…
By the misconceptions they forcefully imposed,
Decepting themselves,
Breakin down their souls.
What happened to the world so sound?
Greed came and shouted too loud.
Living in a world so out of place,
It’s no wonder people have forgotten reality’s face.
Doesn’t make sense to take the world by storm.
That’s just a lotta rainy days,
And happiness to mourn.
Listen to your heart and be aware of the Unseen.
Try your best to make it,
And to all that happens,
Know there’s a reason your reason is yet to be seen.

Copyright © Nadir Keval