I choose to be your constant chosen presence.
A presence for which the option of departure is non-existent.
Only, however, in the eyes of the beholder,
For in his view, is only that which he is fond of.
The approach of a leave may become inevitable though,
If we choose the lesser of the options given to us by the Creator.
But how are we to be so sure,
That the choice we make is worth it to endure.
When we are placed in a position,
Where the rest of our lives is based on this decision.
I begin to think on any options for solution,
And find it difficult to find a resurrection,
Of some source of hope,
Definitive as a mountain-top, with a hardly steep slope.
I turn to the only source of any sign of anything;
To God, knowing that He can find the resolve for everything.
My connection to you, feels like a tightrope,
Unfortunate, dependant, for your next move decides my fate’s hope.
Though, strongly held to you, my love for God is stronger,
For my faith in Him ropes around me,
And as time progresses, the wrapping becomes tighter.
So much that it brings me perfect warmth and comfort,
Just enough though, ‘cause at no point would it suffocate my heart.
Now, to return to the question at hand:
Are we making the right choice if we choose to walk hand in hand?
Of course I’m speaking of marriage,
And not of friends of the same sorts.
Where people relate through means lacking importance,
Instead of where the contracts are signed,
With the greatest witness being the Divine.
In agreeing that separation is never an option,
For we will be choosing to stick together, through all of the obstructions.
A relationship in which the physical may remain,
Or nature may take over, making beauty refrain,
From the resistance of resisting a change.
Situations may occur,
To which we may never concur.
But sometimes, hurt is what makes a heart swell,
And through that it grows, helping us understand the better times well.
Happiness is based, on the grasp we have on life,
Sometimes we hold it tightly, sometimes we hold it light.
This massaging motion, brings out emotions,
We may never understand.
Where we may miss out on love, or fall into it,
Based on destiny, that’s just the nature of man.
All of these words are my word to you,
To reassure you that my faith in us holds truth.
But us, is relative to our faith in God,
For us can only become an us, if we leave it to God.
Sooner than later, we must come to a decision,
For later may become sooner, and we may miss our chances,
For a life together in Heaven.
Many others will come and go, to and from our doorsteps,
And I can say from mine and others’ experiences,
That we may miss other chances of Heaven,
If we don’t determine our next steps.
The future is predetermined, but undetermined by us,
But we’ve had more than enough time to contemplate about us.
So let’s take some time, and break apart our minds,
To think:
Do I dare take the chance of drowning,
Enough to trust,
That my Love will catch me before I sink?

Copyright © Nadir Keval