This has been a journey,
like none I’ve ever faced before.
Yet, all this time I didn’t know,
that every moment was a new opportunity.

I spent so many years searching,
trying to find my purpose.
But, never did I see
that I have flourished,
even when it seemed like I had perished.

Life put me through its seasons,
breaking me down,
and bringing me up again.
Every moment,
every challenge,
given to me to live out my dreams.

I’ve been living a dream,
a blessing if I’ve ever seen one.
But, like with every dream,
we crisscross between reality and fantasy.

My life has been a constant battle,
fighting the expected
against the desired.
The challenge to be a dreamer,
trying to be stable,
flowing in balance with the winds of freedom,
is far more than any journey.
It’s an adventure
filled with misdemeanors,
as everyone expects you to stick to reality.

My purpose was found in those ruins,
the grounds of life painted
with the death of norms and expectations.
I have learned that to live out my dreams,
I must embrace the crossing paths,
of fantasies and reality.
Only then will I find my way
paving my path,
brick by brick,
painting it with what I have earned,
happiness, confidence,
and my daydream turned reality.

Copyright © Nadir Keval