Deep thought has become my identity,
Grateful to God for giving me the opportunity,
To speak out words, so absurd to some,
But to others seeming inspirational.
For words like these, I must be more than thankful,
Not because I think they are special,
But rather, because they move me before they move anyone else.
The greatest form of gratitude I can find,
Is the silence, I place on my lips,
As I smile like an idiot, in my mind.
A silence so important,
That a pin wouldn’t even dream to drop.
Sounding as though a pin can dream,
But then again,
My dreams do pin me,
Into a world of thoughts so unheard of, but sound.
At times, my mind thinks of things that even I can’t understand,
And as I stand up, under the skies,
Hoping for some revelation,
Or some inspiration to flood my eyes…
I stop. Dead in my tracks,
Of thoughts, as I plunge into affinity with myself,
Or is that who I plan to be?
I don’t know, because that man seems like it, but he’s not me.
Then, I began to feel it,
A feeling so finite,
Yet incomplete.
That I am to be that man,
Who one day will stand,
Amongst millions, and be alone,
As a thinker of differences,
And a different thinker.
One, who he himself will adore,
One, who will always feel plastered to the floor.
As though, he will never rise,
Unless given a hand to stand,
Instead of continuing to receive feet as he is stepped on.
People will see him,
And see a revolutionary,
Not due to his actions, but due to his dreams.
He will fight for justice, in hopes that people will once again dream,
As they had been sentenced to a life of lifelessness,
A life without imagination it seems.
But this man, so alone, yet always accompanied,
Will stand with his Love in his heart,
Knowing that, let the world come to a sudden halt,
He will remain standing,
As the last free heart with a will to never stop.

Copyright © Nadir Keval