Mesmerized by dreams of past,
Illusions overtaking the realities of life.
It has become overly clear that life holds its purpose,
But that the achievement is found through individual choices.
We strive so hard throughout our lives,
To please those around us.
But in truth, seeking happiness is found in the search for one’s own desires.

That said, we are left with the equation,
Of how to find the solution to fighting off persuasion.
If we lived purely for our desires,
We would be left with no sympathetic morals.
The world would become misunderstood,
To a greater degree than it already is.
With billions of opinions based on desires,
Ruling any place would cause it to diminish.

Variables in our equation should include such things,
As a foundation built on belief of a Supreme.
This would singular,
Other nightmares is what would become of our dreams.
More than one Divinity,
Would result in no difference,
From what we would be percieving from our desire-focused leaders.

This One would bring about laws,
Ones that hold no obligations,
Only because we trust them so strong.
We believe what is to come,
For we knew it to be good, no matter our thought outcome.
We then continue to pursue our happiness, desires.
But have corrected them,
By using our minds, inspired.

Copyright © Nadir Keval