They say, “You’ll never make it;
Without the money,
Life as a poet is pointless.”
What about the movement?
In the souls of readers,
In the hearts of lovers,
In the minds of dreamers,
In the humanity of disbelievers?
It’s easy to see,
That life is filled with simplicity.
That is the essence of poetry:
A depiction of reality,
Placed perfectly,
So as to reflect the essence of beauty.
Does that means there’s an intertwine,
between Poetic and Beautiful minds?
Might they be the same?
Both so amazing to find,
Yet so rare to see combined?
Money? Well, it runs the world.
But it loses all value,
If it penetrates the soul.
I’m not saying I don’t wanna be a millionaire,
But not for myself, but for those who deserve a share.
A share at opportunity
And food to eat.
The world’s in need of assistance,
In need of people looking for justice,
in every heartbeat.
This is the epitomy of poetry:
Speaking out words,
Seeming simple,
But moving soul mountains,
In hopes that something will shift,
Becoming a way to bring back “happy”.
What worth is wealthy,
If u have no peace when you sleep?
If not making a difference,
Are you really using your existence,
To the best of your ability?
Ask yourself that,
But be warned:
There’s a chance, no matter your goodness,
You’ll find a small (seeming large) section of bitterness.
Elevate minds.
Travel through hearts.
Impact lives.

Copyright © Nadir Keval