I can’t get her out of my mind
ever since I realized that she’s truly one of a kind.

This is not because she is imperfectly perfect,
or, because she is perfectly human.

It is not as though my heart is deserving of her,
or that she is someone I am worthy of…
though I do hope I earn that space one day,

It’s not her wide smile,
or her childlike laughter,
or that she laughs at the most peculiar things,
making me shine in a light that I have never felt before.

It isn’t her mind, body, or soul.

Though, her mind inspires me,
as she speaks with such passion,
even when she finds it hard to breathe,
because God has given her blessings
of tests to show His Love for her.
Her thoughts scaling the deepest of valleys,
and climbing the highest of mountains,
all in search of truth and sincerity,
and every opportunity to change someone’s world.

Her body makes my adolescent fantasies seem unworthy,
because she is shaped in such a way that it is clear
that it takes a special man to be worthy of seeing her.
Her shape comes not from form-fitting clothes
proclaiming their presence
by expressing every crevice,
but rather it comes from the love and respect she holds
towards herself and all that she possesses,
knowing that God has given her something,
that many can only try to manufacture,
and that she must one day return her body to Him,
in the best possible condition.

Her soul is simply awe-inspiring,
as God has built a connection with her.
She now sees Him as her friend, her support, and her everything.
She yearns to earn His Love and Mercy,
and strives to be her best.
And this soul is one that I aspire to adventure into further,
hoping that one day, I’ll be blessed to journey with her.

She’s not on my mind because I see her in everything:
my passion for cooking has shaped itself to please her palette,
my fashion on the daily is inspired in hopes of seeing her happy.
I see her in every face I see,
from the lost soul I mentor,
to the child’s eyes full of possibility.

All of these things are simply a bonus,
because she is constantly on my mind for only one reason:
God has engraved her name into my heart.

Copyright © Nadir Keval