To be honest,
I thank Allah every day
and wonder how a woman as stunning as her could love me.
Still, I am thankful.
Thankful for Allah placing a love for her in my heart,
because this love makes me want to be more grateful,
and better overall,
as a Muslim and a man,
just to try to make it up to Allah for placing her in my heart.

If she were to stop loving me, I would still be thankful…
If she were to forget me, I would still be thankful…
If she were to leave me, I would still be thankful…
only because having the chance to have spent
even one moment in her heart
is enough to keep me happy in this life and the Next.

But, I believe, without a doubt,
that my fate will be better,
as I mention her in every prayer,
pray for her,
and for her.
I ask that Allah gives me two lifetimes with her,
because this life would not be enough,
but an eternal Hereafter in Jannah will do,
as enough time for me to show Him my gratitude
for her and all that she has brought and will bring.

I await patiently for the arrival
to the answer to my prayers,
so that I may be forever grateful.
Her return will be a gift from Him,
my very own miracle,
when she no longer remains only in my every dream and every thought,
but becomes the wife I’ve wanted for so long, to love and to hold.

Copyright © Nadir Keval