I can’t help it, I need to say this:

You are the definition of my dreams.
I know years have passed
since we last saw each other,
But you’ve stayed in my heart,
Left as a thought keeping me together.

Two years ago, we signed the contract,
And as God is my witness, we are husband and wife.
Life got in the way and stopped us from living together,
And we couldn’t announce our happiness to the ones we love.
My every day is spent facing a mirror,
Hoping you’d come stand behind me and smile,
And tell me, “Let’s start painting a portrait of our future together.”

I know we speak on the regular,
But it doesn’t amount to holding my lover.
I continue to work hard,
To bring in what we need,
To be able to stay together,
Making each other happy with every word we breathe.

Today, I’m returning to my love,
To show her what I’ve achieved for her.
I struggled, and asked the One above,
And He’s blessed us with what we desire.
Pleasing God, and loving you for His sake are my reasons for living,
And now with you both my side,
I wouldn’t mind living forever.

Copyright © Nadir Keval