What happens to a man,
When he sits back and thinks
About how he was living just fine,
Till she came in and made his life fantastic?
I thought time and time again,
That I’d wait to find that perfect one.
People told me she was non-existent,
But i knew, that if i truly believed, she would come.

Do you know the feeling,
That leaves you blinded,
And thinking that you’ve been jaded?
See, though she remains merely a thought,
I wonder sometimes what’s pulling me towards her.
She still does not have a face,
Nor does she have a name…
Then why?
Why am I so intrigued by someone that I’ve never met?

I haven’t seen her,
But I know she’s beautiful.
I haven’t spoken to her,
But I know her voice is my personal symphony.
I haven’t looked into her eyes,
But I know they are the one place I can never allow to bear tears.
She fulfills my fantasy.
She beautifies my reality.
See how I just lost my rhythm?
Who needs it, when her melody keeps me floating smoothly.

Where is she?
She is where.
She’s got me tongue twisted,
Lost in the words i search for,
Trying to find anything worthy of describing her.
Maybe I should just keep praying,
Cause though many girls have come,
I’m still waiting, striving,
And trusting that she will appear,
When I become worthy of her,
She becomes worthy of me,
And we make Perfect together.

Copyright © Nadir Keval