Every breath
is a yearning
for her voice,
for her touch,
for her presence.

He takes a leap
of faith,
of love,
with a smile
because he knows
that if there are two things
to completely trust in,
they are God and love…
specifically God’s Love.

The leap,
a lift off the ground
with excitement
and certainty of reaching
the other side
to togetherness.

a shortness of breath.
Wonders and doubts
of whether or not,
he could soar…
or even hope
to glide
to the other side.

Then, just as suddenly,
a sense of being grasped;
pulled upwards,
being gifted with wings
tearing through his skin,
but giving him what he would need,
to take flight
and float into her embrace.

He stands tall,
takes in a deep breath,
comes down to one knee,
with her hand in his.
He thanks God for his wings,
and asks her for her heart.
She says, “I’ve trusted it to God…”
looks up to the skies,
smiles and says,
“And He said
He’s been saving it for you.”

Copyright © Nadir Keval