Rivers flowing into the vast waters,

Like the soul through life, it scatters.

Searching for fantasies of happiness so pure,

Sometimes on paths as refreshing as the morning dew,

And sometimes so harsh, like hurricanes we’re not ready to endure.

Flowing through me,

Nourishing every ounce of my body.

But though it alone holds this ability,

To be what I will always need,

It has the strength to hurt me,

Like salt on a wound, healed by the sea.

Healed – Though it hurt me, it healed.

This is the power of water,

So fluid, it takes hold of whatever

May come its way, or tries to take its place,

Knowing that with it, obstacles just pass by.

Washing out life’s pores I try,

To cleanse myself of the scum of the world.

It is my savior,

Water – my savior.

Quenching my thirst when my mouth goes dry,

Soaking it with security, readjusting my confidence, my pride.

So much, but just enough to get me back on my feet,

Walking on water…unbelievable.

YES! They thought I couldn’t make it,

But now I see, even the impossible can be.

Gone unnoticed, my water is my necessity.

Meaning more to me that I could ever mean,

‘cause without it, there would be no me.

Lately though, water’s been confusing me.

Like a lake in a drought, I’ve become empty.

One day, flooding my being with love and nourishment,

And the next, leaving me wondering where it went.

I’m guessing this is a new test from God,

Seeing if I’m grateful for what I’ve got.

Or maybe it’s to see,

If I have faith that it could be,

Possible for me to live, in trust and patience,

With water as my want, and not as my need.

Upon losing my hydration,

I’ve come to the realization,

That water is my want, faith in God is my want.

As long as I can survive through these times,

Of drought, with a gulp or even the smallest drop,

I’ll pass the test of trust and patience, and trust IN patience,

And will be rewarded with Gardens underneath which rivers flow.

I would love to be engulfed by water,

Not drowned, but ONE with water.

Though this is true, I want to naturally flow to,

Working hard to be deserving of it,

But great things come to those who wait for it,

So, I’ll work hard to hold off but strong from yearning for it.

Copyright (c) Nadir Keval