“I’m strong, I’m not falling,
I’m together, I’m not wanting.”
These are the words she said to me.
She had spent so much of her life,
Building up her image,
And becoming amongst the best.
Little did she know,
That through that time,
She built herself,
Out of who she really was.
What happened to the cute, innocent one?
What happened to the girl that knew how to love?
She’s been hiding behind this so-called woman,
Who thinks she’s better off without love.
She was hurt once, and called off
Every chance that came after that.
She thought that for her to be whole,
She had to make sure that love would never grow.
Putting up that front of stability,
She ended up losing the beauty of vulnerability.
Lost her ability to be real,
Cause now, she was no more than machinery.
Living life like it’s meant for proving herself,
But the sad part is, she’s trying so hard that she’s losing herself.
How can I get it across to her,
That she’s beautiful in her purity?
That, when she remains true to herself,
She in fact, reflects the essence of sublimity?
It is very clear that she knows this to be true,
But perhaps, her ambition has thrown her reality off queue.
And now, to me, it is clear…
That she will never be able to stay true to what she truly holds dear.

Copyright © Nadir Keval