He said that he loved her,
Was willing to give her
Himself, in every aspect.
She said that he lived and lied,
Cuz if he loved her as he claimed,
He wouldn’t have forgotten to show her respect.

The world claimed their love to be wrong,
Saying he was making mistakes,
And had forgotten all that made him strong.
They said she was playing him,
And that he’d be left with nothing.
But he trusted his love,
And he knew it wouldn’t just survive.
He was convinced it would thrive.

Months passed with patience,
And they grew closer than friends.
He said, “I want to take us serious,
But if you’re just having fun,
love me as you wish,
we won’t be unless you change.”
She said, “You gotta understand, I’m too young,
I want us to build that trust,
Before we take that plunge,
Into a life together forever.”

So much time had passed,
And they had become the best of friends.
He thought that maybe they were to take that step,
But her plans were elsewhere,
Saying that he had grown into a brother to her.

He said, “You broke my heart,
Ripped it out,
and shred it to pieces.
I never knew love would hurt like this,
I’ve just lost all trust in finding bliss
With you.”
She said, “You don’t understand,
I never knew this would happen.
I thought we’d be together too,
But I guess fate had other plans.”

Isn’t it plain to see?
Or is it just me?
That it’s clear to even heart’s that are blind,
She just looked him in the eyes,
And lied.
He was left broken,
And was robbed,
Of his very essence:
She took his heart.

Copyright © Nadir Keval