something just happened to me.
I closed my eyes,
and I saw this vision of beauty.
A sight I had never seen,
and I struggle to put it into words,
but until it becomes my reality,
trying to write it is all I have,
to hope to continue to see…

Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning.
Those are words I could use,
but with you, they are mere letters,
constructed by another,
in hopes to describing his own love.
With you, I need to find my own word.
My heart beats to a tempo,
creating your image in my eyes
with every rhythm creating ripples.
Like rain on barren land,
your image revives my hopes,
in finding love where it was thought to be lost.

Ah, but there is far more than beauty in what makes you,
My soul has been struck,
with an impact that is surely going to leave a mark.
Your serene nature,
faithful, driven, and inspired,
inspires my own drive towards increasing my faith,
so that I may be ready to enter your serenity,
with such ease that it seems natural.

And all I can do is think of
how you are far beyond anything I could comprehend.
Like a man who’s vision has been lost to the darkness
by the experiences life has left him with,
you are that shimmer of light,
bringing me sight,
when it seemed as though I would never see again.

Yet, through all the light you bring into my life,
I remain slightly frustrated,
yet patient.
As much as you will be my blessing,
you are my test now,
my initiation into fulfillment.
I wait to discover my word that will describe you,
but that will only come when I learn your name.

Copyright © Nadir Keval