I don’t read often.
I fear that I may fall into a world so enticing
that I may begin to neglect the world I live in,
or that I may cease gratitude for all that I have been given.

I don’t read often.
My life has a variety of stories of its own
that I feel I was made more to be the mouth that dictates,
than the eyes that capture a new world.

I don’t read often.
Instead I try to connect my heart to other hearts
and inspire my mind through touching other minds,
all through building a bridge of linguistics.

I don’t read often.
I feel bad seeing the smudged remains of a no.2,
as I’m sure it already feels insecure about being most common,
yet still, just number two.

I don’t read often.
I believe it to be an injustice to reality
as a photograph is to the sight of an eye.
Yet still, I try.

I don’t read often.
I worry that I may find love in it,
or that I’d lose the impact of surprise.
Knowing less makes life more worthy of experience.

I don’t read often.
If, however, there is a book I would like to read,
it would be the one that He wrote,
before lifting the pen and letting the ink dry.

But isn’t that just living?

Copyright © Nadir Keval