As long as the sun shines, I will love you.
As long as there is air, I will love you.
As long as the flowers bloom, I will love you.

And if ever those things are lost,
I will remain strong, and put my trust in God.
As He will guide me, and give me strength,
to see that you are one He has sent me to uplift my faith.

When my hope begins to stagger,
He shows me a sign.
When my faith begins to weaken,
He sends me a reminder.

And with you, I have asked Him to make things clear…
To remove you from my heart, if I am not meant to hold you dear.
But, as I ponder, as I pray,
for a love,
I remember in my prayers
asking for a wife that’ll please my Most Beloved.
I ask for a Khadijah or an Aisha,
And I beg Him to make me like Muhammad (SAW) or one of the Sahabah.
I ask Him to guide me, to make me worthy of this answer.
And when I close my eyes, dream or think,
I feel inclined,
To remember the words of the Prophet (SAW) when his Khadijah came to mind:
“This is something from Allah; I have been given her love.”
And when I ask my faith and heart about you, I hear these same words.

I will make you my sun, my air, and my flowers,
For whatever I gain from them will be nothing, unless it is ours.
We will be one, God-willing, some day.
We will be together in Heaven, God-willing, some day.
To you, I will continue to strive in my sincere and loving devotion,
as I believe you have been etched into my heart and fate by the Master of creation.

Copyright © Nadir Keval