I want to marry her so that I may enter Paradise with her.

I want to marry her so we can grow together into the best we can be as individuals and as Muslims.

I want to marry her because I believe she will be a phenomenal mother, insha Allah.

I want to marry her so I can prove to Allah and to her, every day, that I am worthy of her as my blessing.

I want to marry her so that we can be covers for one another against the trials of this world.

I may sound selfish, but what can I say,

Marrying her will cause all of my sorrows to stray.

And what do we seek in this life,

other than happiness and a relief from strife.

So, I know that she will bring my life joy,

And with every moment together, Shaitaan’s efforts against us will be destroyed.

Oh Allah, please make her my wife and I her husband,

so that we may please You and through that, please each other.