Thought I’d see you again someday,
With everyone telling me,
“If you love her, let her go,
and if she comes back, then you’ll know…”
So, I spent every night since the day you left, praying,
Asking God to have mercy and bring me back my blessing.
As much as I believed it would happen,
In the depths of my heart, I knew that,
No matter what I did, you wouldn’t return,
and that no matter what I did,
I couldn’t keep this damned heart of mine from love.
I was confused, with no choice but living it through.
I wanted you, but wanted to hate you too.
It was the only way I could find to get over this,
And so, I fought hard and finally got over this.
Continued living, with no thought of you,
And suddenly you came back, and pushed through
the guard I’d built around myself,
Had me wanting to give you another chance.
After you put me through all that struggle and pain,
I couldn’t see any logical reason to let you stay.
But see, when love comes to trial,
The heart takes over and wins with flying colors.
But why is it that despite my heart’s battle,
You seem to still be blind to my love’s color?
I guess it’s just time to try again… ”If you love her…”

Copyright © Nadir Keval