“If you’re real,
please show me now.
If we are meant to be,
you’ll appear somehow.”

These are the words I once said,
before you became more than a dream,
my future intertwined with my present.
I searched my entire life,
looked around,
considered more than a few,
but none stood as sincerely,
and as truly as you do.

Some came close,
some not at all.
But all were like a blemish
in a dream of love so pure and raw.
I don’t know if I’ve found you,
or the other way around,
or if this is just a timely event,
Divinely presented by the One above all.

Regardless, I see you,
as bliss, peace,
and a chance at happiness.
You are now here,
And today, it’s all clear,
that my life and all I’ve seen,
was in preparation of loving you.

Copyright © Nadir Keval