One day, I lost a part of me.
It was replaced with a flood of misery.
I had now lived out the truest love story.
One of loss, without regret,
because I had given her every part of me.

They say that upon leaving, you find your way.
They say that upon leaving, they rush back to stay.
They say that upon breathing, they make everything seem okay,
They say that upon breathing, they take your breath away.

But what becomes of that moment,
when all they say has been disproven?
When leaving left both merely lingering,
longing, but never acting?
When having your breath taken,
was all that left you breathing?
When that breath that was now missing,
was perhaps what you were truly missing?

Ah, but there is the beauty of love:
Sometimes you drift and sometimes you grow.
And sometimes doing one, leads to both.
The truth of the matter is really quite clear,
when you have truly loved, they never really disappear.
When you have truly lived, you must have loved,
and at that very moment, you will have found what real happiness does.

It pulls you in, makes you yearn for more,
for the path we all seek is happiness through oneself and the Lord.
But love is a necessity;
a prerequisite of sorts.
In order to truly be happy,
you must let love take its course.

So, I have, with all the strength I could muster,
shoved misery aside and left it flustered.
My love and my faith are both working hand-in-hand.
And I am certain that my prayers are more than just words in the shore’s sand.

Copyright © Nadir Keval