Moonlight envisions visionaries.
A mere boulder,
left to wander
into what seems like oblivion.
If it were not for the sun,
it would fall off track,
and would be left to darkness,
never to be seen.
The two, sun and moon, have been paired for each other
by the Ever-Generous Creator,
to bring about life and light
to a world that would die without them.

Today, I am that moon,
and you are the sun.
I am left wandering,
when you will shine your gift upon me,
and see that though I am simple and bare,
I would help you shine brighter
because the love we could have
is one that’s almost forgotten,
from having spent so much time being rare.

Still, just as there is night and day,
Divinely decreed time must pass,
in order for life to run smoothly,
and growth to find its pace.
So, until you are ready,
and God gives you clarity,
I will bask in your light patiently.
Until the time comes,
when you choose to shine on me,
so we can see if we
can spark a love
that will brighten the world indefinitely.

Copyright © Nadir Keval