This morning is like any other morning,
except for this one minor difference.
Today, I am a husband.
Today, I have a wife.

I wake to seeing you,
and I feel every worry fade,
like the aura that radiates from you,
is to bring light to the darkness I have lived in
throughout my every day.

Suddenly, you open your eyes,
and smile at me,
like I’m a lost love,
that you’ve once again recognized.
At that moment, you whisper,
“Assalaamu alaikum Love,”
wishing that peace be upon me.
Yet, you have no idea,
how you truly have,
brought peace to every part of who I am,
bringing me to life with your serenity.

I think of the moment I first saw you,
How you would be enthralled by your books,
and would make faces at the pages,
out of confusion or excitement over what you had just read.
I smiled, and felt inclined,
to pray and ask the Divine,
if you would be best for me in this and the Next lifetime.

I asked about you,
spoke to our mutual friends,
and found that you had every detail,
of what I sought.
A woman focused and driven,
yet playful and innocent.
A woman decisive and inspired,
by her faith above all else.
A woman so keen on living clean,
that every aspect of your life was motivation,
To be better than I am.
And that’s when I knew,
you were the one I wanted.

You are a blessing,
a reflection of everything that was always missing,
from the others in the past,
though I would be convinced that they would last.
You were pure, and human,
which made you so perfectly balanced.
And so I prayed and prayed,
that if we were to be,
that He would bring us together with ease.

Not too long after,
I was speaking to your father,
asking him if he would allow,
for a man as simple as me,
to have the hand in marriage
of a princess waiting to be queen.

He was pleased,
which truly surprised me,
as I had only experienced obstacles
in circumstances as these.
But instead, he told me,
that he would be honoured
to have a son like me.

And here we are today.
As husband and wife.
Though we have only been together a moment,
compared to the lifetime of moments we hope to share,
I feel blessed and enchanted,
to have witnessed a miracle,
as Allah brought our hearts together,
without fuss having any chance to muster.
And for that, I will say,
“Thank You, Allah,
For making her my wife,
today and every day.”

Copyright © Nadir Keval
Note: I’ve been getting a lot of people congratulating me on getting married after reading this poem, but it’s actually a reflection of what I hope to experience when I DO get married in the future, insha Allah (God-willing) – NOT a reflection of something I’ve already experienced. So, thank you for the well-wishes and compliments, but I’m not married just yet 😛