Is it strange for me to say,
that I forget how I got through the day,
before I met you?
Or maybe it’s wrong for me to tell you,
that hearing your voice makes me shiver…
the same way a smooth and cool breeze would?
Would you take offense,
if I told you your presence,
reminds me of a sweet flower’s fragrance?
And that I want to keep you close,
like I’m your bee, you’re my honey,
satisfying my teeth with your sweetness?
What if I told you that your eyes,
like Medusa’s, stop me in my tracks,
keep attracting me, leaving me mesmerized?
Tell me, would you turn away,
if I told you that it’s not just your beauty that makes me stay?
That, your words to me are like a melody,
like an orchestra of words at the peak of its symphony?
Or that your brilliance,
at times, makes me self-conscious,
thinking I must be dreaming,
to be thinking,
that it could be true,
that you love me, as much as I love you.
But wait, I forgot to ask,
’cause I hadta save this question for last.
Would you say we’re through,
If I told you that I love you?
No need to answer…’cause I already know,
from the wedding ring I gave you,
on the day that everyday seems like just a while ago,
that the answer to my every question here is no.

Copyright © Nadir Keval