Poem: Nourished

Staring out into the ocean, with no land in sight. The world seems so unimportant because here and now, it’s just me and the Most High. I raise my hands in supplication, in search of some direction, in life and in sight, as I seek out clarity in the purest of ambitions. The wind and water hit my face, like pellets of reminders, that the air and water I depend on can hurt me just as much as they nourish me. Yet still, I hold on to them. I can’t let them go, because as much as they may hurt and as much as they may nourish, I need them to understand my relationship with my Lord. His Love is pure, and yet it comes with both pain and pleasure – for lessons and satisfaction. So, how can we expect our love for each other, as humans, which is naturally imperfect, to be flawless and without struggle and difficulty?

Copyright © Nadir Keval


All that we face in our lives are opportunities to live – truly live. What value is there in a life without risks, without failures, without pain?  A life like that isn’t living. It is merely an existence. When you look back at your life, you may see that you faced immense amounts of pain at times, which then seemed as though they would be the end of you. But those visions would be faded by the brightness of all the good that came because of or after those painful times.

When you wake every morning, take a deep breath, have a glass of water, and breathe. These are the two basic elements you need in life, and every morning, you are blessed with them, while so many others around the world aren’t. When you go through a struggle, smile because what you are facing isn’t something that hasn’t been faced by someone in the past – they overcame it, and so can you. What you face today is a stepping stone towards greatness, but that is only the case if you recognize that you are capable of greatness. Once you are confident in that, nothing that challenges you becomes overbearing. Instead, it is something you know you must go through to reach that greatness.

Standing on the ferry during my trip yesterday, I felt great gusts of wind pushing me back into the body of the ship. The water struck my body like pins, such that when I finally went back inside, I felt disoriented. Still, I cherished those few simple moments, because I relished in the recognition that I am pleased with the pain I have felt in my life and am grateful for the nourishment Allah has given my soul, even if it was acquired through some difficulty. I raised my hands, and prayed two Rakahs (segments) of prayer as the wind and water continued to push me, and the sounds of the wind silenced my mind to give it the clarity it needed to focus on my connection with Allah. My life was changed. Alhamdulillah. Truly, Alhamdulillah.