I’m a traveller,
loving every moment.
Every time I turn around,
I can say because of you, that it was all worth it.
We went through times,
some great, some tough,
but where’s the crime,
in feeling that’s what built our love?

See, on this journey,
we’ve been taking,
I thought we’d lose touch.
Sandstorms of confusion,
blinding us from seeing,
that our love is worth believing.
But, hurt us they couldn’t,
when the truth sheltered us.
Though we needed to be patient,
waiting for the storms to pass,
we still came out surviving.

On most days, we’ll be smiling,
and some when we won’t be able to help crying.
But, come tears or shine,
we can only be what we’re meant to be.
Let’s keep going on making our love grow,
and hope we never reach our destination.
I never want this trip to end,
so I can show you how much I love you more and more.
I’m certain that as we continue,
we’ll take steps forward and back,
but I can guarantee that as we lay our tracks,
there’s no other I’d want to have as my companion.

Copyright © Nadir Keval