This is a poem for,

All the people out there,

That have felt for a soul,

Only to be left not knowing where to go.

Life made it hard to believe,

That you could ever aspire,

To be any more than what was told,

To you by others as your purpose and role.

I’m here to tell you,

You are pure like the morning dew,

Beautiful like the sun the moment before it rises,

Enchanting like the fresh scent of the skies.

No one can tell you that you aren’t these things,

For the world doesn’t know you like I do.

Every moment brings out a change.

Try to live out life holding onto the reigns.

If you ever fall, just climb back up,

And know that I’ll be there if you ever feel like giving up.

The world may seem like it’s breaking you down,

But don’t worry, just keep your soul sound.


You are wonderful, like an angel,

More elegant than a rose.

You are strong as a lion.

But with a soft soul, like a bird.

You are relief when the world is too much to bear,

You are that extra helping, when there’s nothing left to spare.

We are friends, we are companions,

Two dreamers, untold.

Our stories remain silent,

Until we choose to let go.

Let your spirit shine brightly,

Let the world hear your song.

Let your heartbeat be your rhythm,

As you move on, breaking ground.

You are everything to believe in,

A miracle in yourself.

For you were solely created,

As the one to live out your path.

Be swift like the ocean,

Stand tall like the trees.

Know that you are a fountain,

Of greatness to be achieved.

You are awesome in your essence,

More precious than a snowflake.

You are a special token,

To giving my life a stronger seed.

I may be speaking selfish,

But you’ve helped me become me.

Copyright (c) Nadir Keval