What about you?
What about me?
What about us?
They tore us apart,
In ways that would make it impossible to get back in touch.
They told us that we were never meant to be,
So many times, they pierced us with these words.
Love, though these words meant nothing to us,
Perhaps their prayers to separate us,
Came to be because they were so many.
Every person we thought loved us,
Turned their backs and said,
“Learn to love what’s reality,
and stop living in some fantasy.
You are not meant for each other,
You have so many differences.”
But how could they…?
How could they remove us from ourselves?
They said that because of superficial matters,
Things for which they thought we deserved battles,
We were not meant to be.
Age, race, pasts and so-called mistakes.
Things we had no choice over.
Is it our fault one of us was born too early or too late?
Is it our fault one’s skin is dark and the other’s is light?
What’s past is past, we are looking to our future.
And mistakes don’t exist, merely lessons to learn from.
But, I guess their prayers to rid us of each other paid off.
They say sincerity is what makes a dream come true.
And though our marriage was our prayers coming through,
Theirs trumped ours.
And now, I stand at your grave,
And can’t do anything more than
ask God to reunite us in Heaven one day.

Copyright © Nadir Keval