In all my years of searching for the one,
I never came across such a woman…
who would love me with her heart and soul,
holding me to her, saying that I make her whole.
No matter what I did,
I felt like I was missing that bit,
That made her right for me.
They were all just a lil short of being worthy of my lady,
Always thinking of themselves,
And not putting any thought into true love.

Then I met her,
Completing me,
Giving me a skip in my beat,
She came and made me.
Life became a joyous occasion,
With every breath being a new beginning.
A new chance to love her in a new way,
As we gave each other all we crave:
A love, a companion,
A relationship, a blessing.
No words of any poet can explain it all,
It can be described only through the sigh of a lover’s heart.

Copyright (c) Nadir Keval