How beautiful is the movement of her lips,
as she speaks the words of God,
reminding her soul,
and reminding my heart,
that she is truly in love with pleasing Him.

The world rests as she wakes.
The birds have yet to begin,
but she has already begun.
Her prayer is greater than any melody,
because she recites words greater than any poetry.
She seeks to call out to Him,
asking for facilitation of her affairs,
as she is distraught with what to do,
but knows that her first step is to turn to Him.

How inspiring is her commitment,
as she bows in humility,
recognizing that He is her Greatest Supporter.
She is in a place that is not truly known to anyone but her
…and Him.
A place wherein she is the sole recipient of His Blessings.
A place where she has to answer to no one but Him.
She is finally free.

Her heart sinks as she sees the corruption.
The world around her crumbles as every person,
every soul, every body, every mind,
is falling to desires of worldly concern,
neglecting that which is most pleasing to Him.
She wonders, combatting her confusion
from seeing her guides themselves become victims to the world,
as to how she can overcome and continue to live.
Not exist. Live.
Because she feels that if she doesn’t make changes,
all that will remain will be forgotten visions,
with creation existing without purpose.
Like a flower with no fragrance,
lives would be lived having lost their essence.

I have not yet met her.
I have merely seen her in the distance,
catching a glimpse or two.
She is that essence.
That shimmer of hope,
when all that is seen is darkness.
I do not know if I am yet worthy of her light,
but I know that I will try,
try to truly live to the fullest,
and become my best,
so that I may be worthy of her companionship.

Copyright © Nadir Keval