We met on a day that cannot be described,
Because I cannot remember the weather of that day.
Why? Well, I was enveloped in her eyes,
As though her every blink was a new sunrise,
Not too overwhelming, nor too dull.
She was refreshing in her presence alone.
A hidden waterfall, in the driest of deserts.
I asked her name,
And she muttered words that reminded me of dreams I’d dreamt.
But never before had I met her.
So, where had I seen her?
Time passed, and I felt a closeness to her soul,
Despite the fact that we hadn’t been in touch for so long.
The mere thought of her had me urging
To find the courage to speak to her again.
I walked towards her, with my head lowered,
But my chest held out with courage,
And that deep breath I’d taken,
To not need to gasp while speaking to her.
See, I had realized from the past,
That for some reason…she was the only one
that made me weak in my knees,
that made me stutter in my speech;
a man full of stature turned into a statue.
So, I asked,
Did you know that when you speak,
It’s as though your voice is too melodious for your mouth to hold?
Did you know that you in your entirety
are an entity reflective of the highest forms of beauty?
I promise you that,
I will rip through the clouds to find the sun,
And give it to you as a dowry.
I will take the constellations,
And use them to provide you with never-ending nourishment.
I will spend the nights, counting the stars,
To add them to the equation
I try to develop to understand how God made you.
Did you know that you stretch the abilities of mathematics?
See, you have me tongue-twisted,
With words of love dripping off my lips.
I ask you to be my diamond,
The one to be my new moon,
As I see you, the light I seek in this world of darkness.
I’ve been told that men and women have been created as cloaks of one another.
I would be pleased to cover you.
So…may I please, cover you?

Copyright © Nadir Keval