That’s how she’s seen,
As a depiction of beauty.
But I wonder at times,
If that vision,
Is purely physical.

To be an intellectual,
Speaking to each other as equals,
Is easy in most scenarios.
But when I think to how your words would leave,
Your mouth like discarded thoughts of past…
Regret and disappointment exist,
In myself letting things last
As long as they did.

I wish I could say this matched her description.
But truth be told,
That’s what holds me back from affection.
When looking into your eyes,
All I see is lies.
Within yourself,
You have walked past all reason,
And embraced all that makes you displeasing.
There appear to be walking mannequins,
Strolling through your mind,
Walking into positions,
That develop you into a mime.
Your physical encompasses your identity,
And without saying anything,
You have shown the world everything.

When you decide to speak
Your truth, and be human,
Let me know.
Maybe then,
I’ll consider a hoping chance with you.
But until then, please remain mute.
That way you can stop bothering me with your sad excuses.

I do love you,
That is without doubt.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have married you.
But you left me with no other thought,
Than thinking that I’ve lost my love.

Your still here,
But I’m scared your soul’s left.
Please bring it back to me.
I feel I’ve lost half of me.
And now I need we back,
So our unified soul can get on track.

Copyright © Nadir Keval