Still, I sigh
and say Alhamdulillah.
For after all I’ve been through,
after all I’ve seen,
I have grown every day
to become a better me.

My life is
in no way too difficult.
This type of suffering
was meant just for me.
My mistakes were mine,
my lessons deserved,
and for every moment,
I feel blessed for what I’ve earned.

I have lived,
I have loved,
if not through others,
then at least
through the One above.

All that has passed has been
a fingerprint to the clay,
a unique indentation
moulding me into who I am today.
This morrow will follow,
in the ways it has been written.
Dried is the ink,
lifted is the pen,
and where I am focused
is on this day and how it’s spent.
Only through this will I find peace with the unknown,
because the future is only clear to the One, Most Known.

And still I sigh,
and say Alhamdulillah.
For what’s to come is uncertain,
my dreams are still to be seen,
but what I know for certain,
is that He will take care of me.

Copyright © Nadir Keval