There is that simple moment,
When a man sees the woman he fancies,
Open her eyes with a smile in her heart,
Hoping she is thinking of him.

She turns a light pink,
As the tips of her lips
Reach for the skies,
And her smile makes the moonlight
Seem like it’s shine isn’t too bright.

This is the dream I hold deep in my heart,
To have as my truth and my fantasy.
She is like an arrow through my heart,
Except unlike cupid,
She’s a dream turned reality.

I do pray that one day,
I could show her my all,
And let her see that my words,
Are my lesser quality,
As my actions will prove,
That I will always try
my best to be worthy
Of her
And her family.

God-willing, one day,
We will find our way,
And our families will love
Each other as though
they were part of each others’ destiny.

I will pray and pray,
And ask Him to guide us.
So we can see
If we should be
Each others’ passports
To a Heavenly Eternity.

Copyright © Nadir Keval